Ethiopian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (ENCC) is a Norway based non-profit organization facilitating closer commercial and investment ties between Norway and Ethiopia.  ENCC arranges regular sector focused events and investment missions for its members to  inform on relevant business opportunities. We provide consulting services, legal assistance during and after business establishment, assistance with recruiting and accessing qualified personnel, advisory services conserning taxation and custom related issues in Ethiopia. 

ENCC has  strong  partners from the private, research and government institutions in Ethiopia that contributes significantly for a quick and transparent business establishment in the country.  We are partners in a large network of African and Ethiopian startup ecosystems and we link investors with innovative startups having a high potential for growth and scalability.

Membership benifits

Business Networking Events

Access to  business and investment networking events to inform on current opportunities. Bilateral business and investment missions in collaboration with  Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Ethiopian Investment Commission.


Finding partners and relevant stockholders for members planning to establish in partner country.

Consulting Services

Consulting services  on feasibility & risk analysis, market study, infrastructure- & legal requirement assessment for members aspiring to establish in partner country.

Initiating Joint Investment Projects

Proposing potential investment opportunities that interested members can jointly participate.

PAST & Upcoming events


We cordially invite you to take part in the upcoming  very first continent-wide innovation event that ENCC is co-organizing to connect innovators, investors, businesses and organizations for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future. AIW is held from Oct. 28 - Nov. 2 at African Union Commission Headquarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Vist for more and book your tickets today.


ENCC hosted  "Bridging the gap between African and Norwegian Innovators" on Sep. 23, as part of Oslo Innovation Week. 
The event included panel discussions and experience sharing on current business opportunities in Africa/Ethiopia and panel and networking with representatives of the public, R & D and business sectors from Africa/Ethiopia, Norway, India and Germany.