Ethiopian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (ENCC)

🇪🇹🇳🇴ENCC – The Ethiopian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce is geared to strengthen the business and investment ties between Norway

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We play a pivotal role in tourism promotion by facilitating cultural exchanges, showcasing Ethiopia’s rich heritage and natural beauty to Norwegian travelers, organizing tourism-focused events, and fostering partnerships between Ethiopian and Norwegian tourism stakeholders.


Encourage foreign direct investment (FDI) by showcasing investment opportunities in Ethiopia to Norwegian investors.
Assist Ethiopian businesses seeking investment opportunities in Norway.
Organizing investment seminars and forums, and facilitating the exchange of investment-related information and opportunities.


Provide guidance and support on import/export regulations, customs procedures, and documentation requirements.
Providing market insights, connecting businesses,
Organizing trade missions, promoting Ethiopian products in the Norwegian market, and advocating for favorable trade policies,

About Us

The Ethio-Norway Chamber of Commerce is your bridge to vibrant economic and cultural connections between Ethiopia and Norway. We are committed to promoting trade, investment, tourism, and cross-cultural understanding, fostering opportunities that drive sustainable growth and prosperity for both nations. With values of collaboration, integrity, innovation, diversity, excellence, and sustainability at our core, we work tirelessly to create a brighter future for Ethiopia and Norway through dynamic partnerships and impactful initiatives.


Our vision is to be the premier facilitator and advocate for Ethiopian-Norwegian collaboration across diverse sectors. We aspire to be recognized as a pivotal force in creating opportunities, driving innovation, and nurturing enduring partnerships that benefit our members, our communities, and our countries.


At the Ethio-Norway Chamber of Commerce, our mission is to serve as a dynamic catalyst for fostering robust economic and cultural ties between Ethiopia and Norway. We are dedicated to promoting trade, investment, tourism, and mutual understanding, thereby contributing to the sustainable growth and prosperity of both nations.


Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships that amplify our impact.
Integrity: We conduct our affairs with the utmost integrity, transparency, and ethical standards, fostering trust and credibility.
Innovation: We embrace innovation and forward-thinking approaches to tackle challenges and seize opportunities.
Diversity: We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, respecting different cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds.
Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all that we do, striving for continuous improvement in our services and operations.
Sustainability: We are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices that benefit our members, our environment, and our communities.

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